World Connect, Inc.

Cultural Communication

The multicultural communities within the U.S. are dynamic, complex and constantly changing. There are multifaceted cultural issues that must be effectively addressed in all communications to adequately outreach to the African American and Hispanic communities. WCI brings a new set of perspectives to the study and practice of collaboration between and across ethnic groups. The key differences, the “trust and respect breakers,” are not generally the obvious differences. It is often the invisible differences in expectations, values, goals and communication styles that cause cultural differences to be misinterpreted that results in a loss of trust and respect.

WCI has a strong understanding of the dynamics of the multicultural landscape and realize that African Americans and Hispanics straddle two worlds, sometimes consuming ‘general market’ messages, sometimes not. We know the basis for communicating to and collecting information from multicultural communities is personal. That is, the ability to communicate a message and collect accurate information is related to how well the communicator is known and trusted, not how important the information seems to be.

The solution is not to send someone to the door that “looks” as if he or she fits in the neighborhood. The solution needs to be personal. The community needs to already know and trust the communicator in order for the results to have strong validity.

WCI understands how to communicate successfully in relation to the issues. We work with organizations, as well as community leaders to mobilize and empower these core audiences. Whether it is coordinating a meeting with religious leaders, participating with community based organizations or working to impact the outcome of a legislative battle, WCI helps clients build sustainable ties within multicultural communities.

To cultivate relevant connections with key audiences, WCI employs strategies that include grassroots marketing, participation in community festivals and events, local market media tours, internet presence and retail partnerships. We position our clients to connect with the community by participating in their daily experiences.

Cultural competence is a skill, and perhaps an ability that requires substantial effort to learn. The WCI team is trained in bicultural competence, which is essential in bridging communication gaps before and during the coalition process. Having a respected representative and culturally competent facilitators are two necessary elements vital to effective cross cultural communication. WCI’s Community Outreach Program is designed to help our clients become culturally aware and therefore more effective at collaborating successfully and communicating efficiently.