World Connect, Inc.

Customer Service Training

How do you set your hotel, resort, destination or organization apart from the competition? Providing excellent customer service is a good start. Keeping the customer once they walk in the door and getting that customer to come back is vital to the profitability of your organization. Prepare your management and staff to offer your customers more than the basics with the following facilitated workshops:

Keeping your Customers with Exceptional Customer Service

  • Your guest service staff will learn to deliver exceptional service while they communicate more effectively with your diverse customer base;
  • Learn the full range of service skills that make front desk personnel more professional and effective;
  • Learn business building techniques that will result in more repeat business;
  • Explore verbal and non-verbal communication techniques;
  • Learn the importance of multicultural communication and the need to be sensitive to another persons tradition and culture;
  • Your front office staff will learn business building sales techniques to make your property more competitive and to ensure repeat guests.

Recent research says most people don’t leave organizations; they leave managers and supervisors. Their ability to create an environment for customer service excellence depends upon training. WCI Management Training provides essential behavioral and process skill building in the areas of inspiring people, managing feedback, measuring service and recognizing excellence.

Maximum Performance Training for Managers

  • This workshop features proven techniques for getting the maximum productivity from your managers and increasing profitability for your organization;
  • Your management staff will learn the secret of effective forecasting and how to increase profits during economic challenging times;
  • This workshop will help your supervisors make better decisions regarding employee management tasks with greater confidence;
  • Your managers will learn time management, handling problems and conflict, staffing and scheduling, team building and improving employee performance.

Manager’s set the stage for customer service excellence. Management’s role is to model essential practices that are exemplary for the front line staff.

Your managers will master the following essential practices:

  • Generating a spirit of customer service and leading by example;
  • Developing your front line staff and focusing on customer needs;
  • Design measures for service areas that are important to your customers.

The WCI Customer Service and Management Training Programs includes all tools and information to train in-house. Please contact for pricing information.