World Connect, Inc.

Your Incentive, Corporate Meeting and Event Management Specialist

Definition of Incentive Travel (From Society of Incentive Travel Executives): “Incentive Travel is a global management tool that uses an exceptional travel experience to motivate and/or recognize participants for increased levels of performance in support of organization goals and objectives”

In other words “A simply awesome experience” – which is what World Connect, Inc. is all about.

We believe that your team’s travel experience should be nothing less than a completely unique, memorable and life changing experience. We work to make the entire incentive travel experience – from concept to fulfillment – to be a once in a lifetime adventure.

We design and execute corporate incentive travel programs that motivate and reward behaviors you need from your team to drive your company forward.

Our Incentive Programs Motivate Your Most Valuable Asset – Your People

What makes World Connect different? We work with you and your team to understand your companies’ culture, objectives and people. We don’t take the cookie approach. All of our programs are designed and developed specifically for you and your team. Leaving nothing to chance, we utilize the most recent neuroscience research to deliver the most elaborate, cost effective methods to help you accomplish your goals.

The services for our incentive travel programs include:

  • Site inspections
  • Destination selection
  • Program planning and management
  • Event management
  • Billing, budget management and reconciliation
  • An integrated registration, hotel booking and airline ticketing
  • On-site coordination and support
  • Participant satisfaction surveys

With over 20 years experience, we make it our priority to design a program that is tailored just for you, and helps your organization meet your goals and objectives. Our programs provide a proven return on your investment. Whether it’s increasing productivity, driving sales, reducing accidents or improving employee or customer loyalty, we provide an excellent way to motivate and celebrate the success of your team.

Does Your Product Launch Reach the Heights of Your Product?

The development of a new product is a major time and financial investment. When it’s time to reveal your hard work to the world, the product launch must be as flawless as the product.

A strong product launch event generates enthusiasm for your product and your work. Done correctly, the event leads to positive press coverage, increase pre-orders and an increase in your stock price. The keys to an effective product launch event are:

  • Designing an experience, not an announcement. Using the latest neuroscience research on how to attract attention and motivate people to take action, we give your launch the edge by designing a product launch that makes your product stand out.
  • Clearly communicating the purpose of the product launch. We don’t want your product launch or your product to be an afterthought. Our product launches generate customer excitement and create a memorable, satisfying experience.
  • Expert Implementation. We realize that anything from a scheduling delay to a technical malfunction can become the one thing your guest remember about your product launch. To say we’re obsessive about how we cross t’s and dot i’s would be an understatement. Our goal is to produce a product launch that keeps guests and media coverage focused on content, and not mistakes.

When you work with World Connect, we design an experience that integrates your product launch event with your product launch strategy. Our professionals use proven strategies to make your event memorable and motivate your stakeholders to action.

Whether you need end-to-end service or support in just a few key areas, we provide a flawless implementation – so that you can focus on your guests – while we focus on making you look good.

Grow Your Business with Effective Sales Meetings

Do you want your sales meetings to drive results for your organization, instill passion in your team and help close more sales? So do we – and we help by producing a sales meeting for you that motivates and inspires your sales team.

An ineffective sales meeting can put your sales goals at risk. If our team leaves a sales meeting unclear about the goals of your organization or the products they need to sell, you’ve wasted your time and your budget.

World Connect produces effective sales meetings that align your team around common goals, inspires your team to change behavior and help create new habits that are critical to meeting your organizations sales targets. We produce sales meeting that:

  • Inspire performance. We enhance your sales meetings by providing great presentation from presenters who not only share their knowledge with the sales team, but their enthusiasm for the path forward as well.
  • Create team morale. Whether you’re coming off a great year or a challenging one, your next sales meeting needs to set the expectations and generate the excitement necessary to set the stage for a productive, rewarding upcoming sales year.
  • Expand capacity. It’s been scientifically proven that face-to-face sales meeting improve communication and collaboration among sales teams.
  • Recognize top performers. The most successful sales meetings recognize and highlight their star performers and producers. We’ll help organize an awards program that’s engaging and entertaining.

Cruise Incentives Motivate

If you’re looking for an alternative to a land program, or considering something with an all inclusive concept, a cruise is an excellent choice. World Connect provides luxury cruise considerations that are designed to reward your team or your clients for their loyalty and hard work.

We work with several luxury cruise lines and can design a memorable experience for groups for 20 to 2,000. Whether an incentive program or a sales meeting, the unique setting of a cruise ship is perfect for mixing business with pleasure. Our cruises provide a diverse experience that is accessible to everyone, and are safe and secure.
The cruise lines that we utilize provide a wide range of on-ship facilities that include meeting rooms, private dining rooms, show lounges and casinos.

Offering multiple destinations, on-shore excursions tailor made for your group, and specially coordinated onboard activities – a World Connect cruise provides the excitement and entertainment that will leave your team or your client with a lasting impression comparable or exceeding other motivational tools.


In today’s business climate, technology is key and World Connect offers online registrations via a custom website that has been designed with your specification in mind.

Our custom event websites are capable of capturing all kinds of information from your participants, such as names, birth dates, meal preference, shirt size, etc. Once guest have registered, they receive an immediate confirmation via email.

We produce custom registration forms designed specifically for your organization, and manage collected data effectively and safely.

Once all data is collected, it is downloaded into our comprehensive database. This allows World Connect to provide the data management and detailed reporting that your company requires. We also provide you with such crucial information as rooming lists, airline reservation, cruise ship manifests and any other documentation that keeps you informed and prepared for any unforeseen circumstances. Simply put, we minimize agent based errors significantly.