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Multicultural Tourism

africaWCI has examined the traveling characteristics of the two most populous minority groups in the U.S.: African American and Hispanics.  Our research studied the demographics of both travel groups, profiled each group individually and evaluated similarities and differences that are important to recognize when promoting travel destinations to these populations.  Cultural background, customs and traditions significantly influences the travel trends of both African American and Hispanic travelers.  By becoming aware of the differing travel patterns and preferences of these two groups, WCI has successfully developed effective travel marketing literature for destinations that appeal to these travelers. We support your destination by expanding your products into new markets and help you refine your sales and marketing strategy to attract the combined $90billion African American and Hispanic travel markets.

Over the past three years, African American travel volume is up 14 percent (increasing from 72.5 million to 75.5 million person-trips), higher than the two percent increase for travelers overall during the same time period.  A majority of African American person-trips are for leisure (74%), while one in five per-person trips (22%) are taken for business (meetings, conferences, etc.).  Compared to travelers overall, nearly three times as many African American per-person trips involve group tours (10% vs. 3%).   You deliver a quality travel product and WCI will deliver a traveling consumer that loves to travel and discover new experiences – in groups.

Our extensive data base of African American meeting planners, travel agents and incentive travel planners are constantly seeking new and exciting destinations to hold meetings, conferences and incentives.  If presented properly, they will take advantage of the tourism products and services your destination has to offer.   WCI will help you navigate this new terrain and tap into this lucrative MICE market.

Hispanics are also increasingly hitting the road, often combining business with pleasure.  Hispanic travel volume is up 16 percent over the past three years (increasing from 64.5 million to 77.5 million person-trips).  A majority of Hispanic person-trips are for leisure (77%), of which visiting friends and relatives is the ultimate goal (43%).  One third (33%) of trips by Hispanic households include children under 18 years of age.   Hispanics tend to use travel agents more than the general population, mainly because relationships are so important to them.

With inevitable immigration reform and an expanded work visa program that will bring significantly more highly educated and skilled Hispanics to the U.S., 2013 will mark the beginning of an inflection point in the direction of travel marketing to U.S. Hispanics.  Language preference and acculturation level have become the key considerations for destinations talking with Hispanics.

The use of accurate multicultural data, analysis, market identification and appropriate messaging will be the key factor in attracting the African American and Hispanic traveler to your destination.  The rapid expansion of digital and mobile technology is providing both opportunities and challenges for marketing to African American and Hispanics.   WCI’s approach to Multicultural Tourism goes beyond “selling travel”, we research destinations and match travel products to the needs and priorities of our target market.

From South America to South Africa, Thailand to Trinidad and Mexico to Mozambique, WCI supports destinations in reaching these two important growing segments.  By thinking in creative ways, WCI produces creative results that can introduce your destination to new markets and exceptional opportunities with this important MICE market.