World Connect, Inc.

Multicultural Training

Within the next five years, 85% of all first time employees within the travel industry will be minorities, immigrants and women. As the hospitality marketplace continues to embed its operations with a diverse labor pool, WCI provides travel and tourism providers with techniques to maximize the value of our ever-changing workforce.

World Connect, Inc. established the Multicultural Training Program to combat prejudice and foster inter-group understanding and communication within the workplace. Programs developed by WCI provide practical, experiential, hands-on training, specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the tourism and hospitality industry.

WCI multicultural programs include designing and marketing products or services in ways that are culturally appropriate.

The objectives of WCI’s Multicultural Training Program include:

  • To provide an understanding of prejudice and discrimination, and the harm they inflict upon individuals, the workplace and communities;
  • To aid individuals in recognizing their own and others’ biases and to take personal responsibility for combating prejudice and discrimination;
  • To challenge the stereotypes and biases that inhibit inter-group understanding;
  • To provide techniques and develop strategies to challenge all forms of prejudice and discrimination;
  • To equip people with the necessary skills to successfully live and work within a diverse workplace;
  • To identify factors that contribute to the promotion of inter-group understanding and successful coalition building.

Two training programs that will help set you apart as a customer/employee focused company wanting to do business within a diverse marketplace are:

Profit from Making Diversity Work

  • This workshop will teach you how to turn differences into assets and profit from the diversity of your workforce and customers.
  • Learn to recognize the challenge and opportunity diversity presents your company.

The Changing Face of Hospitality

  • Gain a greater understanding of the need for a long term commitment to promoting diversity internally and externally.
  • Management will learn to take an active leadership role in managing diversity within your organization and how discrimination will directly effect your bottom-line.

WCI training programs are facilitated workshops that include participant manuals and are conducted by Power Point. Please contact for a price quote.